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Busy Bee A premium honey brand of Bangladesh

Busy Bee is 100% natural & organic honey of Bangladesh. It is the purest, extracted straight from the natural bee hives and this honey is non GMO, unpasteurized and antibiotic free in order to maintain its natural texture, natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. For that very reason, a drop of our divine honey will unfold the mystery why the lure of this liquid gold is stronger than the darkest fear of mangrove forest.


The Honey we collect from Sundarbans is guarded by some of the largest and most aggressive wild bees in the world and it is the most dangerous heist to pull off. It is said that the honey collected from these Apis dorsata type of bee hives are the best honey of the Sundarbans. Read More

About Us

We are an organic and premium honey brand in Bangladesh with a long tail story to tell the world. It’s fair trade and social enterprise of Bangladesh. Our organic honey has its own distinguish taste, authenticity, and uniqueness due to the source of wildflowers of Sundarbans.


The main source of the Busy Bee’s honey is produced by wild giant bees ‘Apis Dorsata’- which are often found only in the tropical mangrove forests.


The honey is crystal and golden texture at its own character and thus we called it the golden drink of Bangladesh. The best quality of honey in Dhaka now at your doorsteps. Read More 

Our Story

We, “Busy Bee”, a social entrepreneurship project supported by The Earth, are working to foster a better and sustainable life for the dwellers of Sundarbans. Our primary concern is to create social and economic opportunities through trading partnerships with local honey collectors and ensure sustainable development of their communities.


The honey hunter communities (Mawali) of Sundarbans are living their life where their livelihood depends on the inherited family knowledge and practical experience of honey collection. They are far away from modern technologies but yet they do have knowledge about what they do. Sundarbans Busy Bee is collecting honey directly from the Mawali community and promoting a long term & sustainable conservation solution in the Sundarbans, protecting beehives in a natural way, ensuring a better livelihood of Mawalis (the indigenous community group who collect honey) through fair trading.


From every 1 kg bottle of sales, BDT 100 will be spent to improve the lives of Mawali community, especially on those women who have lost their Husbands on Tiger attack and have been ostracized and abandoned by the society, claiming they brought bad luck to their husbands. Read More



What Makes Us Unique Our Social Business Model

Busy Bee is a hybrid social business model. 10% of the revenue is reinvested to the community.

Impact on profit and sustainable growth of Busy Bee, employees & customers.

Impact on people through better livelihood, employment opportunity & access to organic honey.

Impact on planet through alternative wild beekeeping technique to increase bee population and pollination, skill development to less dependency on forest.

Current Business Model

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