Direct Beneficiaries from Mawali community: 50+


Candle Making Training


Focus Group


Research Program


Livelihood Improvement


Busy Bee's Consumer

As a sustainable honey brand, Busy Bee has its own business model. The business model reflects not only the growth of the brand and bringing new product lines but also reinvesting it’s profit, providing alternative skills training, and creating trading partnerships with the honey hunter’s community. As a social enterprise, our scale-up strategy reflects on the growth of both business and impact on the people created by the brand.


Busy Bee’s impact by far:

  • Successfully spent three years with the business model working & helping at-least 50+ people within an extended family from the Mawali community.
  • Established Transparency and fair trading partnership between honey hunters and Busy Bee
  • Focus Group discussion among 10 women understanding the possible alternative skill training requirement.
  • 10% of the profit has been reinvested to provide candle making training.
  • A small research piloting took place on alternative beekeeping in Sundarbans to increase the wild bee population.
  • Successful creation of great brand identity and brand awareness among local and foreign customers.
  • Providing the best quality of honey to the urban consumer’s doorstep.
  • Sharing the stories of honey hunters and where the honey comes from to build the value of the product and minimize the distance between producer and consumers.