Wild Mix Flower Honey – 500g

Wild Mix Flower Honey - 500g

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Sundarbans Busy Bee honey is organic, as it is 100% natural, extracted straight from the natural beehives. The Honey we collect from Sundarbans is guarded by some of the largest and most aggressive wild bees in the world and it is the most dangerous heist to pull off. It is said that the honey collected from these Apis Dorsata type of beehives are the best honey of the Sundarbans.

For that very reason, a drop of our divine honey will unfold the mystery of why the lure of this liquid gold is stronger than the darkest fear of mangrove forest.

Tk. 660

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Busy Bee is 100% natural honey that comes straight from the comb. This Fairtrade community product is directly collected from the Mawali Community to respect their cultural and ethnic identity. Raw honey can vary in color from very dark to almost colorless depending on the floral source. Color can also be affected by age as honey generally gets darker with age.

Some tips for long term storage of honey: The big key is simple – don’t refrigerate the honey. Store it at room temperature (between 70 and 80 degrees). Keep it in a dark place – the light won’t ruin your honey but the dark will help it retain its flavor and consistency better.